per-sim-mon: noun

1. a tree with small, bell-shaped flowers
2. the orange berry of a persimmon tree
3. delightful, custom floral design

Confessions of a Floral Addict

When I was young, I simply couldn’t help picking my neighbors pink petunias, secretly stashing sunny marigolds in my pocket, or delicately arranging daisies in soda pop bottles. As I’ve gotten older, my love for flowers has become more refined (with a lot less stealing and stashing).

So, thanks to the experience from a couple of retail florist jobs and a design degree, I created Persimmon Floral Design in 2005. It seemed like a healthier way to feed my floral addiction and has been blossoming (pun intended) ever since.

Persimmon Floral Design is based in Salt Lake City, but if you need flowers elsewhere in the state of Utah, please call. I love to hop in the car (or ride my bike, if it’s mostly downhill) and go almost anywhere in need of delightful, custom floral design.

Persimmon Floral specializes in weddings and fancy events, but is also available for funerals and other occasions. Consultations are free and fun (if you don’t mind me saying so), so give me a call at 801.641.0074 or send an email my way.